About Haven Legal Co.

Establishing a connection by
‘Putting People First’.

Great google reviews are a BIG plus….but we don’t believe this is where the foundation of client trust and loyalty is actually built.

People want to know who they are dealing with. We aim to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible talking about their personal situations. We come with a story and we are open about sharing who we are with you.

We do this because we understand the importance of showing our humanity.

Haven Legal Co. Services

We offer four main practice areas:

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Our 5 step process makes Estate Planning easy!  We also offer set packages and  pricing so there are no suprises. AND you can do it from your couch!


Deceased Estates

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy.  Our lawyers are experienced in everything from small and simple to disputed Estates. We offer set pricing for straight forward matters.


Family Law

Our lawyers can assist with Financial Agreements, Divorce, Consent Orders, Property and Children’s matter. And you can instruct us online in a non-confrontational way.



Whether you are buying, selling, transferring a property between family members or need a contract reviewed we have you covered.


  • How many times a week do you forget a password, pin number or code? Have you already done it more than once today?! If we can't remember our own passwords, why do we expect our family to be able to access

  • My authenticity and oversharing nature has, overtime, got me into trouble.  Where my career as a Lawyer is concerned however, it has been my greatest asset. Anyone who knows me will tell you I talk alot.  I am careful not to offend and would rather be the one that gets hurt than do the hurting. I have pretty thick skin when it comes to most things. I have no qualms sharing any aspects of my past triumphs and tribulations.  If any story of mine inspires someone or help's someone else in knowing they are not alone then sharing my story is worth it. It is for these reasons that I tell my birth trauma story.  It does not mean that I am not 'recovered'.  It does not mean that I am not 'coping'.  In fact, it is quite the opposite. I can talk about my story because I am stronger now than ever before.  Talking about my story is still hard but it gets easier everytime I tell it. I think most women experience some kind of 'birth trauma'.  As women we are well known for comparing ourselves to one another and I beleive we do this with our birth stories as well.  I think this is what stops us talking about birthing our children because we are worried that "my birth was not as hard as the next person's and so I shouldn't complain".  I can't tell you how much that shits me! We all experience trauma differently.  We all recover is our own ways as well.  If you want to talk, TALK!  If you are not ready, then sit with those feelings for a while. But don't hold your story hostage because you think your trauma doesn't matter.  I am here to tell you, no matter what has happened to you in this life, no matter what trauma you have bottled up inside of you, your trauma is valid. And your feelings about that trauma are valid.

    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Client testimonials

From the outset Haven Legal were so accommodating of our every need. Nothing was ever a bother. They were all so easy to deal with and their process was so straight forward. I will be recommending them to all my friends! Fantastic service and friendly staff 😊👍🏼

Rowan Smyth
Rowan Smyth

03:05 01 Apr 21

I would like to share my gratitude towards Haven Legal (Tabitha), through a seamless and effortless sale, I cant thank you enough. I highly recommend the service and staff at competitive pricing. I have and will continue to engage Haven Legal for all my conveyancing needs.Thank you

Donna Margaritis
Donna Margaritis

00:17 23 Mar 21

Both Fiona and Adelle made me feel so comfortable and at ease during my recent visit to have some family documents explained and signed. They made a pretty confronting experience feel relaxed and reassured and I’m so grateful. Highly recommend this business and I will be most certainly be back for any other legal needs! Thank you ladies!

Clare Manson
Clare Manson

21:58 22 Mar 21

Tabitha and Adelle provided excellent service and advice in relation to a long and complex Sale of Land Contract and Vendors Statement. The contract review was completed quickly and a number of matters brought to my attention. Tabitha was extremely helpful and responsive.

brian gilbertson
brian gilbertson

22:25 17 Feb 21

I can’t recommend Adelle and the team highly enough. Adelle shows care and compassion and is very professional, following up in a very timely manner and going above and beyond. Adelle was the only lawyer we approached who began our first meeting with “I’m sorry for your loss”. Someone who really cares. If you aren’t sure where to go, what to do, and need someone honest, caring and trustworthy then this is the place. Made a difficult time much less painful. I’m in my 20s and have never needed a lawyer before, so could have easily been taken advantage of, but Adelle and her team were honest, upfront and trustworthy, with very reasonable fees. I really appreciated the service and support 10/10.

Julia Verso
Julia Verso

03:27 15 Feb 21

We don’t even know how to start describing the level of professionalism, knowledge and patience of these ladies. They are really sweet too (That’s a bonus!). Some people say that the process of purchasing a property can be really daunting... Well, not if you have Adelle and Tabitha taking care of your “business”. They know what they are doing and that gave us confidence and peace of mind.We don’t usually leave reviews for businesses that do what it’s their job to do, but Haven Legal went above and beyond during COVID lockdown and that my friends deserve a review. We can’t wait to meet you in person. Thank you Tabitha and Adelle. Cheers, Lu and Ash.

Luana Meira Williams
Luana Meira Williams

11:37 09 Feb 21

Great Work Ethics ... Its not just another day for them at work , they make sure they deliver what they promise. Great service and will highly recommend them any day. Special Mention to Adelle. Great work guys keep it up.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

02:44 01 Feb 21

Adelle and Tabitha were both extremely prompt and thorough in providing assistance. No matter the time or question they were always happy to assist.I would highly recommend utilising the services of the team.Thank you again!

Tom R
Tom R

01:55 24 Nov 20

Adelle and Fiona have both been lovely to work with both personally and professionally.Brought to them through a working relationship, my husband and I took the personal road in creating our Wills with them. They explained everything is easy to understand language and also have been really great in adapting to ‘working from home’, still keeping things professional and getting the job done for us.I would highly recommend them, they are both lovely woman and easy to get along with.

Leah Bonacci
Leah Bonacci

02:18 14 Oct 20