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About Haven Legal Co.

Haven Legal Co. started during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.  Our model is designed around the idea of being able to deliver legal services remotely through zoom conferencing and online intake systems. 

We are able to assist our clients by providing the legal services and solutions you want, either ‘on-line’ or ‘in person’, in the most streamlined and time efficient way possible.

Haven Legal Co. –
The idea behind the name

We all just want to feel safe. Telling your story to anyone can be daunting, let alone a lawyer. We wanted our name to reflect the atmosphere that we aim to create. Open, honest, caring, and above all, safe. Whether you are speaking about the reasons you want to cut a family member out of your Will or a separation between you and your partner of 25 years or a loved one has recently passed away, you need someone you feel comfortable opening your heart to. We hope we can be the people that make you feel this way.


Adelle Jones – Managing Partner at Haven Legal Co.

Adelle is a mother, a wife, a birth trauma/sepsis survivor and an advocate of all things ostomy related.  She is not at all a typical ‘lawyer’.  And she is proud of it!

Adelle has a long-founded interest in operating her own enterprises. She owned her own law firm, Jones Lawyers & Associates, from 2013–2017 in Cobram, Victoria.  After selling this practice and moving to Melbourne she worked exclusively as a Wills and Estates Lawyer in Northcote where she crossed paths with Fiona.  Their commonalities in the way they practice law, engage with their clients and their approach to improving efficiency and productivity within the workplace led to the establishment of Haven Legal Co. 

Taba photo

Tabitha Carter – Conveyancing Manager 

Tabitha is a wife and a mother to a little human and furbaby.  Tabitha works 100% remotely juggling mum duties and property settlements around Victoria.

Tabitha has been dealing with property settlements for almost 15 years and has seen the industry change in so many ways.

Tabitha has an outstanding ability to manage all her clients expectations through great time management and her calm demeanour.  Nothing is ever too much and she goes above and beyond for all her clients.  Emails from Tabitha regularly hit your inbox before 7am and after 8pm, sometimes even on weekends!

Tabitha, Fiona and Adelle have worked together for many years, even prior to Haven Legal.  It’s easy because it just works!

David Tom

David Tom – Administration Clerk / Law Student  

David Tom grew up in the regional Victorian town of Cobram.  He is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at La Trobe Bundoora.


Fiona Buchanan – Managing Partner at Haven Legal Co.

Fiona is a wife, mother to two beautiful girls and has a fur baby named Chilli.

Fiona previously worked in the Financial Markets and Funds Management trading Equities, Bonds and Currency for a boutique Asset Management Firm.  She left the world of Funds Management and assisted in establishing Buchanan Legal in 2007 with her husband in QLD. She went on to gain her legal qualifications studying the Juris Doctor at Bond University. They followed their girls to Melbourne in 2016 and are loving Victoria and city living (although the winters are a bit chilly). Meeting Adelle was like finding a kindred spirit and they are both passionate about helping clients on their life journey.  Whether it’s family law, estate planning, buying or selling property or dealing with a deceased estate, Fiona is passionate in advocating for her client and their needs.

Jennifer Zekirovska – Lawyer 

Jennifer graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours). Since her admission as a lawyer in 2017, Jennifer has worked in general legal practice and this has enabled her to draw on her knowledge and exposure to different areas of law such as family law, estate planning and deceased estates. Jennifer has a special interest in Family Law and manages complex property and parenting matters. Her focus is on achieving the best outcomes for her clients in a manner that is practical, efficient and cost-effective. She acknowledges that the process of separation or divorce can be confusing, complex and overwhelming for many. Due to her empathetic nature, Jennifer understands what her clients are experiencing and assists them to navigate the process as successfully and harmoniously as possible. She is passionate about helping individuals from all walks of life regardless of their legal situation. Jennifer is also fluent in Albanian.