Divorce rate soars during COVID

Word on the street is that Google searches for ‘divorce’ and ‘family lawyer’ are at an all time high.  In fact, by the end of June 2020, the amount of time Australian’s searched the word ‘divorce’ surpassed the usual spike in numbers which generally occurs just after Christmas and New Years. Go figure…
The commonality is that most couples have had to live in close proximity for longer than maybe ever before.  Coronavirus restrictions and job losses have pushed already struggling relationships over the edge.  And it’s no wonder.  Relationships are hard enough work without all the pressures of 2020.
If you are one of Australia’s struggling couples, before you leave your partner, maybe you should consider having a one hour ‘legal strategy session’ for $330 with one of our Family Lawyers.

What will we discuss?

1. What aspects of leaving are of most concern?
2. What arrangements will be best for your children?
3. The possible outcome/s in terms of dividing the assets of the marriage
4. Where will each party live?
5. What support will be needed in terms of help with the children or finances?
6. What are the likely legal costs?

Allow yourself to be as prepared as you can be to take one of the hardest steps you may ever have to take

Interested? You can read more about separating on our Family Law page or click HERE to get started!
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