Estate Litigation Lawyers Melbourne

Competent Lawyers for Your Estate Litigation Case in Melbourne

Haven Legal Co lawyers have been serving Melbourne for over 30 years combined, making us one of the most reliable choices for estate litigation cases. Our team takes pride in our streamlined process, unlike other law firms that seem messy and make you feel unsure of who is even handling your matter. We offer unmatched services to achieve the desired result, from the initial contact to the last stages of representation.

Our wealth of experience and drive for delivering a fair outcome has enabled us to achieve significant success in the field of law. Thanks to our tight-knit firm, we have gained collective strength, which has helped prevent gaps while performing our legal duties. This means that our team jointly works on every case we take on to ensure we achieve a favourable outcome. As a result, we have been the experts people turn to when they have experienced poor handling from other firms.

What is Estate Litigation According to Our Lawyers in Melbourne?

Estate litigation lawyers in Melbourne come into play when the beneficiaries argue about the division of the deceased’s property. Estate litigation is a legal proceeding that aims at resolving disputes over the assets of the deceased. Generally, this dispute occurs when the beneficiaries want to vary or void the will.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid challenges from occurring, and that is by hiring a competent lawyer. Our lawyers have many years of experience, making us highly reputable in these proceedings. We can assist you and your family and avoid issues whilst ensuring you understand the necessary actions. We can also assist you in properly planning your will to ensure your wishes will be honoured after your passing.

Estate Litigation Lawyers Melbourne
Estate Litigation Lawyers Melbourne

Why Do You Need Estate Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne?

If you want to avoid estate litigation in Melbourne, it’s best to know lawyers who are dedicated experts in this field. This legal process can involve complex court procedures that are challenging without professional help. This may include, but is not limited to, preparing trust documents, a proper will, or other estate planning files. Moreover, estate litigation involves complicated legal concepts that are very technical. That’s why we strongly recommend getting an expert lawyer to help and guide you throughout the process.

At Haven Legal Co, we prioritise our clients above all else. We strive to prevent arising issues and resolve problems. For estate litigation, one of the things we can also provide is mediation. This way, both parties can settle and receive fair conditions without the need for court. However, we can also go to court if that is what is required to achieve your desired result.

If you have more questions about estate litigation, our lawyers in Melbourne can help you. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy.  Our lawyers are experienced in everything from small and simple to disputed Estates. We offer set pricing for straight forward matters.


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Our lawyers can assist with Financial Agreements, Divorce, Consent Orders, Property and Children’s matter. And you can instruct us online in a non-confrontational way.



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