Family Lawyer Melbourne

Family Lawyer Melbourne

Experienced Family Lawyer Servicing Clients in Melbourne

Our family lawyer in Melbourne contributes to a combined experience of 30 years of family law on board our team. Haven Legal Co is a reputable law firm that treats every situation with delicacy and understanding while working to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our team is always ready to help whether you are on the verge of separating, have decided to separate or to finalise the divorce or separation legally.

Family issues are more than legal understandings, and they are always highly emotional. As a result, family law cases require a skilled lawyer to communicate effectively and manage a variety of situations. Building connections with our clients is essential no matter how difficult your case may sound. That is why we will collaborate closely with you to define realistic goals and attempt to attain them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This way, we can better assist you in resolving and settling your matter.

Fair and Quality Representation from Our Family Lawyer in Melbourne

Most people call our family lawyer in Melbourne whenever a divorce situation arises. However, there are many cases when you can ask for our expertise. These cases include:

1. Parentage Issues.
Assisting with paternity-related issues such as DNA testing, visitation/parenting time, child support, custody, and moving interstate.

2. Financial Issues.
When a couple decides to get divorced, they may have to deal with two financial issues: division of property (property settlement) and spousal support. Dealing with the assets of the relationship and reaching an agreed property settlement is vital in many relationship breakdowns. If not carefully handled, a contested property settlement may eat up most of your assets due to legal bills. Arriving at an amicable agreement is necessary to avoid this scenario.

3. Financial Agreements.
A Binding Financial Agreement or “Prenuptial Agreement” is a good way to keep track of and protect your finances. This legal agreement is ideally set up before marriage/entry into a relationship, during the marriage/relationship, or after a couple has separated. During your relationship, changing circumstances may necessitate a financial arrangement.

Family Lawyer Melbourne
Family Lawyer Melbourne

Our Family Lawyer Helping Clients in Melbourne Through the Years

Equipped with extensive knowledge of the field, our family lawyer in Melbourne has helped countless clients to achieve their desired results. Especially for cases involving the Family Law Act, which encourages settlement of family law issues using mediation.

Mediation is an attempt to resolve issues where a mediator sits down with both parties. This process is ideal for couples who are having financial and parental problems. Given that both parties agreed upon fair arrangements, the mediation option will be well received and form the basis of results.

Our family lawyer in Melbourne encourages out of the court agreements. Call the Haven Legal Co team for a consultation.

Haven Legal Co. Services

We offer four main practice areas:

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Make your Will and Powers of Attorney.  Set packages and pricing so there are no suprises. AND you can do it from your couch!


Deceased Estates

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy.  Our lawyers are experienced in everything from small and simple to disputed Estates. We offer set pricing for straight forward matters.


Family Law

Our lawyers can assist with Financial Agreements, Divorce, Consent Orders, Property and Children’s matter. And you can instruct us online in a non-confrontational way.



Whether you are buying, selling, transferring a property between family members or need a contract reviewed our Coburg Conveyancers have you covered.

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