Custody Lawyers Melbourne

Custody Lawyers Melbourne

Let Our Custody Lawyers in Melbourne Help You

Selecting a reliable firm with competent custody lawyers in Melbourne is crucial. Whether it’s legal, financial or family-related needs, our lawyers can help you comprehend your case. Unlike other law firms that may take forever to answer your queries, Haven Legal Co will provide you with answers within a couple of hours. Moreover, our team genuinely cares for clients. We aim to help them achieve the most favourable outcome regardless of how challenging the situation is.

As a small and tight-knit firm, we work jointly to defend our clients and get their rightful verdict. Our team is also known for offering a ‘people first’ approach towards court representation. This means that we will first lend our ears to understand your situation further. We also prioritise our clients’ comfort to eliminate any pressure and stress, regardless of the legal situation they are facing.

Factors in Determining Child Custody According to Our Lawyers in Melbourne

Our custody lawyers in Melbourne can help you fight for the custody of your child. The custody process can be stressful, but our competent lawyers are here to take away the stress from you. However, you should keep in mind that several factors help the Family Court determine which parent gets full custody. These factors include:

The Child’s Best Benefit
Generally speaking, the court decides whether the parent offers the child the best benefit and interest. They look at the parent-child relationship, fulfilment of duty and responsibilities, parent’s lifestyle, and history of violence.

Parent’s Well Being
The court assesses each parent’s ability to provide psychological, intellectual and emotional intelligence to their child/children.

Child’s Choice
The parent with the best relationship with the child/children is highly considered in court. However, the child’s level of maturity is interpreted when they are expressing their choice.

Custody Lawyers Melbourne
Custody Lawyers Melbourne

How Our Lawyers in Melbourne Can Help You Win Child Custody

Haven Legal Co has an impressive roster of custody lawyers in Melbourne. Our team understands how vital it is to give a child the best welfare available. Parents naturally take this seriously, and having someone who shares the same passion is essential. That’s why our lawyers work hard to make sure you receive a fair verdict in court.

In many custody fight instances, one parent disagrees on where their child should be living. Haven Legal Co helps you achieve your desired outcome through:

Consistent Communication
We strongly believe that continuous advice will help in getting the best results.

Meaningful Negotiations
Having been in the industry for years, we understand how helpful it is to agree with the opposing party in some instances.

Part of our service is to provide you with realistic legal advice regarding the custody division.

Start your journey right by hiring trusted custody lawyers in Melbourne. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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