Will Lawyer Melbourne

will lawyer Melbourne

Affordable Will Lawyers in Melbourne

As well-respected will lawyers in Melbourne, our experience enables us to provide premium legal services to clients with various needs. We are the law firm to contact, whether you’re purchasing a new property, experiencing a family dispute or in need of estate planning. We take pride in our tightly-knit lawyers who work together to achieve your desired outcomes. This teamwork has enabled our legal company to provide solutions to many clients throughout the years.

Unlike other law firms, we treat technology as a vital tool. Technology allows us to quickly and effectively communicate with our clients. As a result, you can expect us to promptly respond to your call or email. Our transparency also contributes to our highly-regarded integrity, which makes people turn to us for all their legal concerns.

Factors to Consider in Creating a Will with Our Lawyer in Melbourne

Whether you want the help of a will lawyer in Melbourne or not, it is essential to prepare this document. By doing so, you can rest easy knowing that your assets will be handled appropriately and distributed, should an unfortunate event occur. We have listed down factors for you to consider when creating a will.

1. Your Children’s Guardian.
Parents have the natural instinct to want to secure their children’s future even when they’re no longer around. So, when writing a will, please consider the nominated guardian’s lifestyle, values, financial capacity and existing bond.

2. Assets and Cherished Belongings.
When writing your will, it is crucial to include your assets and cherished belongings to the person they will be passed on to. However, the law automatically diverts the ownership to the surviving co-owner for a jointly owned property.

3. Beneficiaries.
Besides family members, next of kin, or anyone you have a close relationship with, you can also list a charity as your beneficiary.

4. Appointing Your Executor.
Another essential factor to consider in your will is the person you appoint as the executor. This role is crucial as it is the person’s job to carry out your final wishes. Also, it is the executor’s task to settle any financial liabilities the deceased may have.

5. Funeral Instructions.
When writing your will, you can formally state your preferred funeral arrangement.

will lawyer Melbourne
will lawyer Melbourne

Recommendation From Our Lawyer: Options for Creating a Will in Melbourne

There are two ways to write a legally binding will, whether you will use our will lawyers in Melbourne or not. A do-it-yourself kit is a straightforward and practical approach to writing your will if your circumstances are basic. You can pick up a hard copy of the will kit from an Australian Post Office in Melbourne. If your situation is complicated, please seek the assistance of a will writer or our trusted lawyer.

If you need more information about writing a will, our lawyer in Melbourne is more than willing to help. Call us today for a free appointment.

Haven Legal Co. Services

We offer four main practice areas:

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Make your Will and Powers of Attorney.  Set packages and pricing so there are no suprises. AND you can do it from your couch!


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Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy.  Our lawyers are experienced in everything from small and simple to disputed Estates. We offer set pricing for straight forward matters.


Family Law

Our lawyers can assist with Financial Agreements, Divorce, Consent Orders, Property and Children’s matter. And you can instruct us online in a non-confrontational way.



Whether you are buying, selling, transferring a property between family members or need a contract reviewed our Coburg Conveyancers have you covered.

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