Deceased Estate Melbourne

Deceased Estate Melbourne

Assistance for Deceased Estate in Melbourne

Whether you’ve been tasked with managing a deceased estate in Melbourne or have no choice but to do so, we can expertly provide legal guidance. Here at Haven Legal Co, we understand how difficult it is for you to manage such legalities while dealing with grief and loss. It puts you under too much pressure and seems an overwhelming and emotional task. That’s why we are eager to lessen your burden by providing you with hassle-free legal assistance.
We provide you with genuine and transparent services, unlike other law firms that may take advantage of your vulnerable situation. Backed up by our 30 years of collective experience, we are very capable of performing the job for you. Our team will be with you every step of the way, whether it involves distributing money or a court hearing for a contested estate.

Deceased Estate: Two Types of Legal Handling in Melbourne

There are two ways of handling a deceased estate in Melbourne. One is through probate, and the other is when there is no will (intestacy). The former means the departed person has left a will and would need a Grant of Probate. This document authorises the executor(s) to manage the deceased person’s estate and assets. Moreover, this process may require the transfer of real estate and involve bank money amounting to over $50,000.
On the other hand, a Grant of Letters of Administration should be applied when a person passes away without a will. This grant type requires a spouse, a de facto partner, or children to apply. This person then needs to prove to the court who should be the rightful beneficiaries. Whichever situation you are in, our lawyers will offer their service to achieve your goal while honouring the deceased.

Deceased Estate Melbourne
Deceased Estate Melbourne

How to Manage a Deceased Estate in Melbourne

If the case turns out to be a little less complicated, then you still need to manage the deceased estate in Melbourne as soon as possible. However, it may seem too confusing, and you may be unsure of where to start. Here is some guidance to help you;

Funeral Service

The first step is organising the funeral service according to the will. You have to reach out to the family and friends of the deceased to let them know of the death. Moreover, you will also need to inform organisations such as banks, the government, insurance companies, utility companies and superannuation providers.

Review Estate and Other Assets

You have to make a list of all the properties and assets of the deceased. If combined assets reach over $50,000, you may need to seek a Grant from the Supreme Court to deal with the estate assets.

Pay Debts

When you finish reviewing the estate and other assets, determine if the deceased has any unpaid debts and settle them.

Distribute the Assets

When everything is settled, divide the assets between the beneficiaries as per the Will or in accordance with the rules of intestacy.

You don’t have to handle this stress and grieve at the same time. Reach out for our support, and we will help you manage the deceased estate in Melbourne. 

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We offer four main practice areas:

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Make your Will and Powers of Attorney.  Set packages and pricing so there are no suprises. AND you can do it from your couch!


Deceased Estates

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy.  Our lawyers are experienced in everything from small and simple to disputed Estates. We offer set pricing for straight forward matters.


Family Law

Our lawyers can assist with Financial Agreements, Divorce, Consent Orders, Property and Children’s matter. And you can instruct us online in a non-confrontational way.



Whether you are buying, selling, transferring a property between family members or need a contract reviewed our Coburg Conveyancers have you covered.

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