Access Passwords Upon Death

How many times a week do you forget a password, pin number or code? Have you already done it more than once today?!

If we can’t remember our own passwords, why do we expect our family to be able to access our digital information when we die?

Living in a digital world, there are so many extra responsibilites for executors to deal with post death.  Transferring frequent flyer points, closing down your Facebook account, accessing your family photos in dropbox and distributing them to your loved ones.  But how do you access passwords upon death?

There are many password security programs out there that are probably all equally as great, but we use LastPass.


What is LastPass?

Think of it as a vault that stores all your passwords.  It is great for everyday use, both personal and business, and saves you having to type your passwords in a million times a day, or worse.  Having to re-set them all the time because you can’t remember them!


How can this help my Executor?

LastPass gives you the ability to grant one-time access to your password vault to one or more people in the case of an emergency.  You can specify an access delay so that when your designated person attempts to access your information, this person will have to wait a specified time period of your choosing (e.g., 2 days).  You will be notified that they have attempted to obtain access to your password valut and you then have the ability to decline the request for access. If you do not deny the request within the specified time period, the person will be able to access your vault.  They can then deal with your digital world very easily.

We highly reccommend that you put something secure in place to assist your Executor and make their job a little less stressful.

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