What is conveyancing?

If you are buying or selling a home, Haven Legal Co. are here to help you with all your conveyancing needs.

The process of buying or selling property generally requires the assistance of a conveyancer. A conveyancer is someone who is responsible for making sure you meet all the legal obligations involved in your property transaction.

The conveyancing process is complex and often confusing. It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of property law. We are experts in this process and can help you at every step of your real estate transaction.

The conveyancing process for buying and selling is different.  There are different steps and requirements involved.  As a starting point, we recommend speaking with one of our conveyancers before you buy OR sell.  We offer detailed, written contract reviews for a competitive price that will make sure you’re informed so there are no hidden surprises come settlement.

Once we have reviewed the contract, we will help you through all the legal hoops, checks and balances so you have piece of mind.

If you are selling, we will begin by preparing the contract of sale alongside any additionally required documentation.
Before settlement, which is the final stage, your conveyancer will manage every step of the process and handle any issues.

Once everything is in order, your conveyancer will book in a settlement time with PEXA. PEXA is the online digital settlements platform that makes the exchange of property funds quick, simple and secure. Once your conveyancer has organised and processed this step, the transaction is complete.

Buying or selling real estate can be daunting but our team of conveyancers are here to help you–making it easy and as simple as possible.

For more information, please contact us or via phone or email.

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