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In times of a sorrowful departure of a loved one, contacting will dispute lawyers in Melbourne should be the last thing to worry about. No family is perfect and free of issues. At Haven Legal Co, we understand how difficult it is to cope with a family member’s death. It requires the highest care, sensitivity, and respect, especially if other living members have problems between themselves.

That is why we will give you clear information on the legal process if you’re thinking about challenging a will. Additionally, we will advise you on challenging the will in the most cost-effective way possible. Our primary goal is to provide sensible and objective legal counsel. Our experience spans a wide spectrum of legal issues. We are here to help you get the best results possible. This entails completing the task and ensuring that you comprehend and appreciate the process.

Who is Entitled to Seek Will Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, there are several applicants eligible to seek the help of our will dispute lawyers. These people include:

1. The deceased’s spouse or de facto partner;
2. The deceased person’s child (including an adoptive child);
3. The deceased person’s ex-wife;
4. A grandchild who was financially reliant on the deceased;
5. A person who was financially dependent on the deceased and was a member of the deceased’s household;
6. At the time of the deceased’s death, a person who had a close personal relationship with the deceased during their living days.

According to the law, a close personal connection is defined as a relationship between two adults who live together. One or both of them offers personal care and domestic support to the other. The law also states that it is not necessary for the people living together to be family members or anyone related by blood.

Our Will Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne Can Help You with Any Issues

Besides a will dispute, our lawyers in Melbourne can also help you with a wide range of legal issues. Haven Legal Co proudly caters to property conveyancing, family law, and estate planning. We have a proven and transparent record among our clients. We understand how stressful facing a legal issue can be, and putting clock pressure on you will not do any good. That is why, unlike other firms, we offer fixed fees and do not charge by the hour.

Our team is incredibly passionate about servicing people through fair and satisfactory service. Thanks to our responsiveness and willingness to listen, clients who have had bad experiences turn to us to achieve their desired results. Additionally, we can also provide you with accurate legal advice online for you to receive from the comfort of your home. This is why we have quickly risen to be one of the top-tier firms in Melbourne.

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